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After your family, engagement or baby photo session is complete we will schedule a time to visit our studio and review the images. Because we have a staff dedicated to processing your images quickly and professionally they are typically ready within the week. At the viewing/ordering appointment we will walk you through viewing the images in our comfortable studio on a large screen.

We will help you narrow down your favorites, choosing the best images to display on the wall or in an album, and choosing the best ones for gifts or jewelry. We ask that you bring all the decision makers to your ordering session, as scheduling an additional ordering session is $100.

Wondering what size print will look best on your wall at home? We have this amazing technology to show you digitally, how it will look on your walls at home!

How it works:

1- Hang a standard sized 8.5×11 piece of paper on your wall.

2- Stand with the paper directly in front of you and as far back as possible and take a picture with your digital camera or camera phone. (Include floor and ceiling if you can)

3- Email the image to

When you come in for your ordering session we will then be able to show you on the large screen, how your images would look above your couch, in the hall or on any wall you send us. We think it’s such a cool deal that we are going to offer you a deal! If you email us the image of your wall 2 business days before your ordering session we will gift you a $25 print credit.

p.s. Be sure to Like our Facebook page as we often post a sneak peek image right before your appointment that you can share with friends and family.

the staff at Townsley Portraits

room view before

room view before

room view after

room view after