FAQWhat should we wear?

You do not all have to match! Avoid patterns that clash and bright colors next to each other.  Simple and casual looks the best.

Kids’ clothes look better a little too small than too big.  Footwear is also important so make sure all of your shoes are nice and the laces are tied. Stay away from white clothes as they get dirty fast. You may be seated or touching wet or dirty surfaces so be prepared.

Women, consider the length of your sleeves and skirts (as well as neckline) these are fun/ active shots and you want to be able to move and bend comfortably.  DO NOT wear shorts, short skirts, or sleeveless tops unless you will be comfortable with how they look in photos.  Keep jewelry to a tasteful minimum.

For hair and skin: Don’t get a brand new color or cut the day before! Consider hiring a makeup artist and having your hair done before the session to look you best. It will be worth it! Please let the makeup artist know you want a natural look.

For Glasses: If you don’t always wear them- don’t.  If you do always wear them- do.  If you are not going to wear your glasses, be sure to take them off early to avoid any marks. BEWARE: if you have glasses that change color in the light, do not wear them.  With some glasses, you can take out the lenses and that is a good idea to avoid glare.

I have a baby. What should I know ahead of time?

Try to schedule a time when your baby will be awake and fed.  I know this is not always possible.  Bring changes of clothes and make sure they fit well and aren’t too loose.  We want to see his/her face. Kids do not always behave, let’s not fight them.  If the photographer decides to reschedule it will be without extra charge. If you have a very young child who isn’t sitting up yet let us know so we can make special arrangements.

Do I need an appointment for a shoot?

Yes, please email david@townsleyportraits.com to schedule an appointment. Please provide your name, your phone number, location of photo shoot, your location, and dates and times available.

Can I view my session online?

No, you must meet with the photographer to view your session. The viewing must be done in the month after the session.

Can my mother, father, sister, husband etc.. come in after my appointment and finalize my order or can they have their own appointment?

One appointment per session only. YOU MUST bring with you at that time whoever needs to be part of the decision making process.

I am pregnant/ I have a newborn. Would you take our photo shoot?

Please call or email the office to work out special arrangements for pregnancy or newborn shoots. CLICK HERE to download our Newborn Session Guide.

Are pets welcome in our photo shoot?

Absolutely, well behaved pets are always welcome. We have experience with dogs, cats, and even horses.



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